Tips and Tricks for having the best time in Thailand

You can’t help but want to pick up everything and go halfway across the world when you see the beautiful landscape that is Thailand. I’ve dreamed of traveling to Southeast Asia ever since I got the niche to travel. The trip that I had been dreaming of finally came to fruition during April 2019. I read all the blog post and researched the big tourist excursions and locations to made sure I got the most of my trip, but those long hours (or years in my case) doesn’t prepare you for when you actually get there. Below are my key tricks and tips on how to master Thailand.

Need To Know: People of Thailand

Believe it or not, the people of Thailand are some of the friendliest people I’ve met in my entire life. They give to everyone even when they receive nothing in return. Most of the people that I encountered helped with any questions that I had. Most Thai people understand basic English. Don’t hesitate when you are looking for help or if you need something because most likely the people around you will go out on a limb to help. 

Need To Know: Getting Around

There are many ways to get around, however, I would say that the most fun way to get around is on a tuk-tuk. Every place that you visit will have it. If the tuk-tuk scares you, I suggest taking a cab (I took them mostly to and from the airports). Before you get into a vehicle of any kind make sure to discuss the price beforehand. Most often there is a set price that you can find out before but sometimes you are able to haggle the price down a little. Tipping is not necessary but 10-20 bahts can go a long way with the driver.

Need To Know: Thai Baht

My favorite part about Thailand was how strong the American dollar was. Everywhere you go in Thailand, no matter if it’s in a city or a village, everyone prefers baht (Thailand’s currency aka cash). When it comes to the exchange rate, the best way to take out baht/cash is to exchange at the airport beforehand. I started off my trip with 5,000 baht when I was leaving the airport in Bangkok and that wasn’t enough.

Need To Know: Hotels in Thailand

Planning for Thailand it’s easy to a place to stay for any budget level. When I went I opted to stay in budget hotels. The good thing even the budget hotels, when you aren’t paying an arm and a leg a night, they are still just as beautiful with amazing staff willing to accommodate you. We got great deals booking on and

Need To Know: Excursions in Thailand

There are a bunch of excursions that are pretty popular in Thailand. Some big things are visiting an elephant sanctuary, renting motorbikes in the north, and snorkeling in the islands to name a few. The trick while looking to book the excursions that you want to do is waiting until you’re actually in Thailand. The biggest reason to do this is that most excursions are cheaper once you get to that city. Sometimes the hotel you’re staying can knock off a couple of bucks off the price.

Need to Know: Thai Food

Thailand is known for its street food, and it’s something you should not skip out on. Don’t be scared of the unknown. Street food is the only way to go, especially if you’re a foodie like me you want the most authentic food but there are also a ton of vendors that have Michelin stars.

Need To Know: How to Shop in Thailand

Now when I say shopping I mean storefronts and street vendors. Most of the shopping done in Thailand is at huge outdoor or indoor markets. Mostly every stall has the same trinkets and clothing but the only difference is the prices. When it comes to pricing the best thing you can do is try to haggle. You can’t walk anywhere without trying to bring down the price.

Haggling 101: The first question out of your mouth should be “How much?”. if there’s a sign with pricing you should suggest a price. Always, always try to bring the price down. There are some things where the prices are set but most of the time when it comes to souvenirs you can always have the price brought down. 

These are the big hot topics I wish I knew about going into my trip to Thailand. Feel free to reach out about any questions you might have and check out my other Thailand post on the specific areas: Bangkok, Ko Phi Phi, Chiang Mai, and Krabi.

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