Tips and Tricks for making the most of your time in Krabi

When I say that Ko Phi Phi is pretty, Krabi is like its distant cousins. No, I’m not saying it’s weird or ugly by any means; it’s just that it is a pretty large providence in Thailand. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to see (or meet) all of the areas it has to offer. I’m going to break down the basis of Krabi and share my experience with you.

Need To Know: Getting To Krabi

         There a couple of ways you can get to Krabi. You have the option to fly in and out of Krabi Airport. Or you can take the ferry from Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands.

I took the ferry from Phi Phi Island. Make sure you research which pier is closest to your hotel first because there are two piers in Krabi. The piers are you can take a ferry to Krabi Klong Jilard Pier and Ao Nang. However, the ferries will not drop you off at both places. The pier dropoffs are on separate ferries and run at different times. Krabi Klong Jilard Pier is the main pier, and its ferry times run constantly throughout the day. Ao Nang is a little different.

I needed to make sure I got on the ferry going to Ao Nang pier. Unfortunately, the Ao Nang ferry runs only twice a day from Phi Phi Island, 9am or 3:30pm. The Ao Nang ferry makes one stop before heading to the pier. That stop is in Railay Beach, for anyone staying there.

Need To Know: Getting Around Krabi

         The two best ways to get around our tuk-tuk and taxies. Because the docks being a major tourist point, most of the tuk-tuk drivers have set prices to different areas around Krabi.

The first time I got into the tuk-tuk we were able to haggle and get the price dow. That was pretty much the only time we were able to negotiate.

Need To Know: Krabi Hotels

Since Krabi is a huge region, I opted to stay up in the Klong Moung region. We stayed at Krabi Klong Moung Bay View. The rooms at the hotel were big, clean, and the best part was it had AC. Lucky for us our room had a patio with stairs leading out to a swimming pool on the property. The hotel is family-owned. The staff is always trying to make your experience as great as it could possibly be.

         One of my favorite things that happened as we were staying at the hotel was that all the guests got a personal invite from the owner of the hotel for their family BBQ that was being held that night. From 4pm till midnight locals were coming in and out of the hotel’s dining area laughing, singing karaoke, and enjoy food together. When we strolled up to the dining area the owner sat us down and immediately started to bring us their homemade meal. Different from American BBQ, the feast consisted of rice, curry, noodles, fish soup, egg, and anything from the local region of Klong Moung.  

Need to Know: The Beaches of Krabi

        There are a couple of beach areas in Krabi, with Railay Beach being the most popular one. In my opinion (might be an unpopular one), I’d say to skip Railay Beach.

Across the street was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen, crystal blue water and warm white sand. Luckily for us, the best beach was right across the street from our resort. The Seaview Restaurant is located across the street from Krabi Klong Moung Bay View. The service was impeccable. They set us up with a beach cabana free of charge, and constant attention.

There’s so much to see in Krabi, I would recommend spending a few days in some of the different regions.

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