Everything you need to know about taking an Asia Scenic Cooking class in Thailand.

Before heading to Thailand I knew I wanted to take a cooking class. It wasn’t until I checked into the Lee Chiang Hotel in Chiang Mai that the staff helped us book a class. The best class recommended was at Asia Scenic.

The school offered transportation to and from your hotel. The Asia Scenic Cooking Class was held in an open space with communal tables and individual stations. Our instructor Indy (such a sweetheart), gave us an introduction. The backyard of the school grew its own herbs and spices. We were able to use them for the dishes. She explained to us all the different herbs we would be using. After that our group took a short stroll to the local outdoor market. We learned more about the Thai culture and different ingredients used in popular Thai dishes.

A welcome treat was on the table when we returned. The treat was a kale leaf filled with lime, ginger, shallots, and chili. We popped that suckers in our mouths with the skin and all and cheers in Thai. This symbolizes welcome and it was actually quite delicious that I made a couple of them nosh on.

Once we chowed down on our quick bites, it was time to start cooking. Indy walked us through all the courses and options we would be able to make. Since I took the afternoon class, I was only able to make half of what the full menu. This was due to the amount of time we had. The courses that we would be having were a stir-fried dish, a soup, a curry, and a curry paste. Within each of the courses were four different options that we were able to choose for yourself. We would also be making spring rolls.

The dishes that I chose to make were Pad See Uw, Tom Yum Soup, and Khaw Soi curry and curry paste. Once we sorted out with Indy what each person would be making, it was time to get down to business. The structure of the class was making one course at a time and eating right after. This was for us to enjoy the food without it getting cold.

The first course would be the stir fry. Indy first demonstrated and then had us start preparing as she walked around to help. She kept reminding us that even if we were making the same dish as the person next to us everyone was cooking with different emotions.

I’m glad I participated in the Asia Scenic Cooking class was such a great experience. Asia Scenic gave us a cookbook to take home and try all the recipes. All in all, I’m glad I was able to partake in the class. Knowing what I know now, I believe this would’ve been a regret if I never got to do it.

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