Tips and Trick to make the most of your time in Berlin

East Side Gallery in Berlin

Berlin threw me for a loop. Have you ever had a specific vision of a place in your mind, but when you see it in person it is completely different? That was the feeling that took over when I saw Berlin. Berlin is such a historical city with the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, but it’s also one of the most gorgeous architectural places I’ve seen. I fell in love with this city and due to time restriction was only able to scratch the surface. 

Need To Know: Getting Around Berlin

Germany has great public transportation. There are metro’s everywhere and easy to navigate. The thing with the metro is it’s unlike other cities. Usually, when you are buying your ticket in most cities you need to swipe yourself through. However, with the German metro system, you do not need to swipe in and swipe out. Go at your own risk: but it is very easy to get away without paying for a ticket. 

In the location of our hotel, we were able to get all the famous sites on walking. All the big monuments were close in proximity to each other and easy to navigate how to get there. There are street signs telling you how far the next big attraction is. I would take the opportunity to walk as much as you can because Berlin really is a beautiful city with a gorgeous architect.

Need To Know: Berlin Hotel

I booked my hotel on We stayed at Hotel Zoe By Amano Group which fit exactly what we needed. The hotel was located in the city center. Not trying to spend a lot of money after the couple of days we had before, it was a great affordable luxury hotel. The room that was perfect and the beds were so comfy. Everything in the hotel just felt clean. The staff was super friendly and helpful during our visit. One night I asked for earplugs and they gave them to me.

Need To Know: Sites to See Berlin 

I was in Berlin for only 2 days and that is definitely not enough time to see everything. Filled with history and modern culture, you can spend the whole day visiting different museums, veg out in the park, and dance the night away in an underground night club (except for Mondays and Tuesdays, we learned the hard way.

Short on time, we squeezed in all of Berlin’s famous landmarks such as Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, and Brandenburg Gate. Between two days we were able to walk around the Mitte neighborhood and enjoy the beauty of what Berlin has to offer. 

Berlin was one of the most unexpected cities I got to experience. Surprisingly I fell in love with a city that was just supposed to be a stopover. This city deserves more than the day and a half I was able to get, I would suggest spending 3-4 days here. Take your time and explore the hidden gems of Berlin.

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