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Meet Carly Orris

May 7th, 2019, that was the day a decided I needed to take my life into my own hands. I went to a SoulCycle class in the morning with my friend Sara, who’s a life coach. I had just gotten back from an amazing two-week vacation from Southeast Asia and cried thinking about going back to my desk job in New York. That morning when I met with Sara, we spoke about new opportunities to explore and how I could get myself back to the place where I was happy.

When I was thinking of what I wanted my next steps to be blogging came to mind. I would be able to incorporate all things I love travel, food, adventure and health and wellness to name a few. I had always wanted to be a writer taking journalism and creating write courses in college. I had tried starting a blog a couple of times, however, it was always fear that kept me from continuing it. It was the fear of getting out there without being embarrassed and wondering what people would think of it.  

When I was in college, I wrote for the Greek life newspaper and always thought one day I could have a career interviewing people and telling their stories. When I came out of college that fear scared me from pursuing what I wanted to do coupled with the urgency of needing a job right out of college. I never envisioned to go into advertising it just kind of fell into my lap.

So, 5 years later when I went to reevaluate my life, it was the perfect opportunity to return to my roots of what I loved to do, writing. So, I decided to take it to the next level. Yes, the fear is slowly creeping in as I start the blog post, but the most important thing I have to keep reminding myself is this is what I enjoy. I love creating and writing about my experiences and interest. Yes, my mind goes a hundred words a minute and my thoughts and words are scrambled everywhere. But hey, that’s kind of the beauty in the imperfections with being able to enjoy what you’re doing. Not everything is going to be prim and proper and I’m more than okay with that because as this blog begins to develop, you’ll be able to see that I am far different the average writer. I’m the one who’s relatable.

I’m hoping within the years to come, and yep I’m saying years because I want this to last longer than a month (the last time I tried this thing out), I’m hoping you as my audience (gosh I hate that word so much), let’s try you as my friends are able to relate with me and join me on this messy ride as the Clueless blogger.

Witches Fall, Mt Tamborine Australia

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